Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Weekend Wrap Up

I've been pretty busy this past week for a girl without a job. My mom and I have been going to the gym together, and we actually make great motivators for each other.
Alyssa loved the pouch I made her, and since my Wednesday was pretty much consumed with her get together I thought I'd post a few (ok a lot) pictures I took.

After dinner at the Chinese Buffet, and on the way to the Bowling Alley; not that any of us knew where it was. Thank goodness for the GPS, and not so thank goodness for Leah's driving skills, yikes!

Alyssa and Leah waiting their turn.

Now for a few action shots:
Alyssa bowling. She liked the big balls.

Me bowling with my side squat approach.

Leah bowling without any technique at all. First time 10 pin bowling. Poor Leah.

Vanessa bowling. She put us all to shame. Pretty sure her score was higher than Leah and mine combined first string... not that it was hard considering Leah got a 30.

(Not so) Pretty bowling shoes. Actually Vanessa's were quite pretty, but she brought her own. My feet are huge, and the picture just makes it worse.

Thursday mom brought me to the store to pick out fabric for a tote she wanted me to make my grandmother. Ever since I made her one for her birthday she's been all about giving them as presents to everyone. I also made another Alyssa pouch for my first Etsy "sale"!! Which is actually a trade. I'm getting this lovely necklace in return. I am quite excited.

Friday was kind of slow until I realized I needed to get to work on this tote. I finished it in 5ish hours I think? I didn't get started till after dinner (8ish) and worked till a little after 1am. My mom was very specific about how it should look, what size, what pockets... etc. but it ended up coming out very well.

The outside. (My grandmother's name is Rose. How fitting.)

The inside. Notice pockets on sides. This bag also happened to come out totally reversible in case you're in need of a sunny change.

Yesterday was my brother's graduation party with my mom's side of the family. My Grammy loved the bag I made her, Nolan made out like a bandit, there was lots of food, and my brothers and I managed to sneak some time in the hot tub. 8)

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  1. Bowling is fun! I've got big feet, too. One is actually larger than the other, so that makes it twice as difficult to find shoes! =D