Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Quilt

(I have no idea what that spot in the top right of my picture is)
Probably most of the reason why I'm so excited about the completion of this quilt is that it was just SO frustrating. Trying to piece what my thirteen year old mind was thinking with what I now know was not an easy task.
After all that work, my bed completely dwarfs this quilt. Definitely closer to a baby quilt size.

There was much fixing involved before I could make any real progress:
And yes I'm using scissors to tear apart my quilt due to the fact that I broke my seam ripper earlier in the week.Finished quilt top

I picked white for the backing because, well, it's cheap. Despite that, I think it gives a certain crispness to the overall look.Of course I couldn't help but add a little color to prevent the quilt back from being completely boring. I had a few extra partial quilt blocks left, and I really like how it came out.
And now I can finally sleep.

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  1. What a fantastic first quilt! I love the fact that you started piecing this when you were so young! My daughter made her first quilt at about that age too, but just from my scraps. I love that you jazzied up the back - it's lovely! Well done - great first quilt!