Friday, June 12, 2009


My friend Anja's Mother's birthday was a few days ago, so she and I decided to put down our sewing for the evening and bake up a storm.

I have a knack for making pie crusts, so I was in charge of the pie

This was my first attempt at the lattice top, which I felt was fitting for the blueberry pie. Just looking at it is making me hungry, I wish I had some left, but it was gone nearly before it had cooled.

Anja made a delicous birthday cheesecake

and some poppy seed bagels.

I know this isn't a baked good, but it turned out so pretty I just couldn't reisist. Who knew that sticking fruit on wooden skewers could be a work of art. Anja and I made this while the pie was baking... well mostly Anja, all I did was ball the melon.


  1. You girls were busy!! Everything looks like it came out great! =)

  2. That we were! Anja is definitely my craft and baking buddy.