Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Present

Tomorrow is my friend Alyssa's birthday, and being the poor college student I am, yet wanting to give her something nice decided to make her something.

I know she always has a lot of change that doesn't fit in her wallet, so I figured a change purse may be in order.
Her favorite color is purple, and since I already did a bag in purple, I already had the fabric lying around.

I think it came out cute, I may have to stock a couple of these in my Etsy shop.
I lined it with the same lavender cotton fabric I did for the wristlet. All I needed to buy was the zipper!


  1. Very cute, I'm sure she'll love it. Hope she's not reading your blog right now :)

  2. Thanks! She doesn't have internet right now, only reason why I'm posting this so soon :)

  3. What a great present! The best ones are when they are handmade!